Potential Date Change — Need Input

We have had several emails from KCG members expressing an interest in moving the KYQP to another date – since the second weekend in November is typically the opening weekend for deer season.  We analyzed the State QSO Party calendar on the WA7BNM website and found one date of interest.

I am writing to get input from other KY hams about moving the KYQP to the first weekend in June.  This weekend would coincide with the AL QP, but that could help to generate activity if both QPs were running at the same time.  There are no other major contests that weekend.  Here are the pros as I see it:

  1. Avoids deer season.
  2. Nice spring weather conducive to rover operations.
  3. Low bands still in relatively good shape—before heavy summer QRN hits
  4. No major contests on that weekend
  5. Is far enough in advance to not interfere with Field Day plans
  6. Memorial Day would be the prior weekend – and thus should not interfere
  7. Most high school and college graduations would already be completed
  8. No major sporting events to contend with.

There are only two QPs listed in the month of June and none in July.  This date would essentially place KY right at the end of the busy spring contest season before we get into the summer doldrums.

We would very much welcome input from the KY ham radio community to make sure this date would be acceptable.  You know the old carpenter adage, “Measure twice and cut once.”  Hi, hi

I think the only question in my mind is would inexperienced operators get stations in KY and AL mixed up?  Logging software would keep things straight since the county abbreviations between KY and AL would not match up.  On the other hand, the success of the New England and 7 land QSO parties show that multi-state events generate a lot of interest.  I personally think the two QPs working together would help to generate more activity for both.

Please let us know your thoughts.  Just click on the Contact Us tab on the menu bar to send your comment.  If we are going to change the date, now is the time!

Thank you.


Dave, N4QS