Log Submissions

Cabrillo Logs

We encourage all KYQP participants to submit their logs in Cabrillo file format.  You can email your log by clicking on the link below:


Please place your call sign in the Subject Line and then attach your Cabrillo file (yourcall.txt).

You will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your log via email within a day or two.  We will also update the Logs Received page on this website on a daily basis.  The deadline for submitting logs is June 23, 2019.

Contest Logging Programs

There are several excellent logging programs available that make submitting a cabrillo file a snap.  We will work with these loggers each year so that all exchange information, county abbreviations and bonus stations are supported.  We will list all logging programs supporting the KYQP here:

Some loggers are free while others charge a small amount to download the program and for annual support.  Please note that the KYQP cannot be responsible for the performance and operation of such third-party applications.

Paper Logs

When all else fails, send us your paper log to the address below:

Paul K. Smith, ND4X
P.O. Box 9
Calvert City, KY  42029-0009

While paper logs will not be eligible for awards, we will issue a participation certificate (via email) for all paper logs received.  We will provide a link here for entrants to tell us that they are sending a paper log and to provide their email address (if they want a certificate).

By registering below, I will be mailing my paper log: